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Speech Therapy& Education Professionals

A STEP towards a brighter future!

Speech and Language Therapy Services

STEP provides a comprehensive approach to your child's speech needs!

  • Bilingual Speech and Language Therapy

  • Accent reduction/modification

  • Communication Improvements

  • Language Disorders (expressive & receptive)

  • Voice disorders

  • And many other services  See more >>

Occupational Therapy


 STEP provides a comprehensive approach to your child's motor skills needed for daily activities.

  • Sensory Integration​

  • Handwriting 

  • Daily Living Activites (i.e. dressing)

  • Fine Motor Skills 

  • Upper body strength and hand functioning 

  • And many other services. See more >>  


Feeding Therapy 

STEP offers feeding to help your child maximize his/her nutrition!

  • Feeding Therapy

  • Dysphagia 

  • Sensory Concerns/Picky eater 

  • Volume Concerns

  • Variety Concerns

  • And many other services  See more >>

Speech Therapy and Education Professionals

Speech Therapy & Education Professionals is dedicated to serving individuals at risk for, or diagnosed with developmental and/or acquired delays. We will provide an integrated intervention that views the client as a whole. This allows us to promote success during and after therapeutic treatments. Speech Therapy & Education Professionals will provide the client and the caregiver with information for promoting the client's success  across multiple environments. Our focus is for the infant, child, or adult with a delays/disorder to find a successful and functional way to succeed in various settings.