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Speech - Language Therapy

A speech and language evaluation will clearly identify areas of weakness and provide an assessment of your child’s skill level and age-based competency. Speech and language therapy services can then address these areas of weakness and close the gap, with the goal of advancing your child’s speech to the age-appropriate range. Please call us to discuss your concerns and to determine whether a speech and language evaluation is recommended.

Specialty Areas:

  • Autism

  • Developmental Delays

  • Motor-Speech Disorders

  • Communication

  • AAC Evaluations/Fittings

  • Articulation

  • Pragmatics (Social Skills)

  • Language Disorders (Expressive and Receptive)

  • Reading Intervention

  • Tongue & Lip Ties (Tethered Oral Tissues)

  • Tongue Thrust

  • Feeding & Swallowing

  • Lactation Support

  • and many more

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