We believe in more than just academic achievement: we believe in growth of students, communities, and educational excellence... 

Tutoring  Services

Early childhood development is crucial in developing a solid foundation upon which higher education is built. After working with a STEP Tutor, our students emerge with a clear grasp of reading, writing, and math fundamentals. Our tutors have years of experience working with young children and create a fun, exciting learning environment, fostering an enthusiasm for learning which later evolves into excellent study habits and academic skills. 

All of our tutors are rigorously selected in order to ensure experience working in their respective fields of expertise – from special needs to academic fundamentals. Depending on the goals and areas of focus, students will be matched with an expert tutor who matches their personalities and learning styles. Our tutors have helped hundreds of students not only improve their grades, but also improve their confidence and work ethic, setting a foundation for long-term academic success!

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